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What do your audiences think about sustainability issues and what role, if any, do they think cultural organisations should play in tackling the climate crisis. Find out in our recent webinar based on a nationwide audience survey.
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Webinar: ACT GREEN

Tuesday 14th June, 10am-11am

Insights Alliance and pointOne presented the key findings from a piece of joint cultural audience sentiment research, looking at the role of organisations in tackling the climate crisis. 

Act Green nationwide survey

The webinar was based on results from the Act Green survey which gathered 11,682 responses from cultural attendees at 58 venues within the UK. 

The survey aims were to:

  • Understand the ways in which audiences think cultural organisations should be contributing to the climate crisis.
  • Discover how different audience groups view the role of organisations.
  • Develop impactful ways to communicate with different audience groups and improve audience engagement with sustainability.
  • Shape strategies for how best to involve audiences in sustainability initiatives.
The webinar not only presented all the key findings from this nationwide survey but also offered practical advice for engaging audiences with sustainability initiatives, case studies from theatre operators about how they have approached sustainability in their venues and input from cultural sustainability experts in the field.

Watch the webinar

If you missed the live webinar, you can still watch a recording of the full event below: 

Download the report

You can download a report based on the full survey results here.
The Act Green report will help cultural organisations better understand the national audience sentiment around the climate crisis and provides actionable insight, practical examples and recommendations to develop new sustainability initiatives or support existing practices. 

About the Insights Alliance

The Insights Alliance is a group of three prominent UK consultancies – Indigo Ltd, Baker Richards and One Further – who are working together to help the cultural sector gather essential audience insight to support recovery and growth since Covid. 

Following Indigo’s After the Interval, the Insights Alliance worked together to deliver the Culture Restart Toolkit and two waves of Missing Audiences research. The Insights Alliance exists to move beyond data, information and interest, and into actionable insight.


Key Topics

Key Topics

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