5 tips on how to improve and grow your takeaway business

Takeaway staff preparing a takeaway order in the kitchen

With autumn nights drawing in and winter on its way, it’s more than likely we will be reaching for takeaway and delivery options rather than venturing out into the cold. This expected seasonal uplift in takeaway sales comes on the back of already unprecedented rises in the percentage of consumers who have turned to delivery or click & collect during the pandemic. Indeed, the popularity of takeaway and delivery has quadrupled in the last 12 months according to CGA’s latest hospitality home tracker surveys.

6 lockdown habits that hospitality operators should retain and encourage for post-pandemic success

Man working remotely in a coffeeshop

It may be too soon to look at lessons learnt by the hospitality industry from the pandemic but there are already some stand out practices that should be retained in our post-pandemic world. For those operators who have managed to weather the biggest storm imaginable, many are building on the innovation that happened in 2020/21 and seizing the opportunity to review their businesses rather than simply reverting to business as usual.