6 lockdown habits that hospitality operators should retain and encourage for post-pandemic success

Man working remotely in a coffeeshop

It may be too soon to look at lessons learnt by the hospitality industry from the pandemic but there are already some stand out practices that should be retained in our post-pandemic world. For those operators who have managed to weather the biggest storm imaginable, many are building on the innovation that happened in 2020/21 and seizing the opportunity to review their businesses rather than simply reverting to business as usual.

Can you afford not to continue offering mobile ordering? The benefits of table ordering beyond the pandemic

We know that the pandemic has caused a seismic shift in the way we use and rely on digital technology and this is no different in the hospitality industry which has seen digital ordering and paying surge in the past year due to Covid restrictions.

A need to reduce contact between hospitality staff and customers has propelled the adoption of mobile and self-service technologies with 43% of customers using some form of order and pay tech since July 2020.

But, as the lifting of restrictions nears, will operators and customers expect a return to more traditional order and payment methods or is table ordering with a smartphone here to stay?

How (and why) to make your restaurant more sustainable

Man holding sustainable menu

Sustainability has moved from an abstract concept of general concern to a more defined goal thanks to highlighted awareness from David Attenborough, Greta Thunberg and the Extinction Rebellion. A general pledge to reduce our carbon footprint has now developed more specific targets around reducing food waste, packaging and compiling dedicated ethical practices.
This blog will look at both why and how you can make your restaurant more sustainable in 2021 and beyond.

Coming Back to Theatre: Prioritising the Audience Experience

What makes an ideal trip to the theatre? What are audiences looking for when they return to venues for the first time post lockdown? We conducted a national survey to find out and have produced a resulting report to help theatres deliver on this with relevant insight and knowledge of the technology available.