Does sustainability make commercial sense for hospitality brands?

Firstly, it’s clear to say that becoming a more sustainable business is not the silver bullet to weathering the tough times that hospitality brands continue to face. Staff shortages, rising food and utility prices, supply chain issues, VAT increases, reduced footfall from the cost of living rises and general political uncertainty pose a wall of challenges that requires many sledgehammer solutions of which sustainability is not one.

How do cultural audiences feel about the climate crisis and what role do they think cultural organisations should have in tackling these issues?

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Climate crisis awareness and the hospitality sector’s role in tackling these issues gained significant momentum before the pandemic hit in 2020. Two years on, we wanted to understand how cultural audiences were feeling about their own responsibilities towards the climate crisis and what role they felt if any, that cultural organisations should have in addressing the issues through their sustainability practices.

Guest blog: How to get an alcohol licence for a coffee shop

Oli Baise, who helps run the family-owned coffee shop The Coffee Traveller, brings us a guest blog where he explains the reality of getting an alcohol licence for a hospitality business. He will explain the time and financial costs involved in doing this, as well as what they would have done differently with the benefit of hindsight.

6 key tech trends for QSR and fast casual restaurants in 2022

Voice command AI powered drive thru ordering

2020 was the year operators scrambled to implement online ordering channels; 2021 was the year of innovation and ongoing learning. So what will 2022 bring tech-wise? We take a look at the latest tech trends that QSR and fast casual dining operators should be implementing to retain and continue to attract customers back to their venues.

How to make theatres more sustainable

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Although coronavirus has somewhat stolen the limelight these last two years, the importance of making theatres more sustainable remains a key focus for many theatres’ short and long term goals. As the theatre sector (we hope) starts its slow recovery to pre-2019 attendance in 2022, we take a look at why sustainability should be back on theatres’ agenda, what benefits it can bring, and how these sustainability goals can be achieved in partnership with UK-wide initiatives and third-party support.