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Face all your operational challenges with an EPoS till system that supports all your evolving needs. Everything from integrated payments and delivery to mobile ordering and F&B management.

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Fast and flexible front-of-house EPoS

Things change but the good news is that our core EPoS solution lets you change up your business needs with a modular system. As well as our standard user-friendly features, our add-on modules mean we can can support your evolving requirements both planned or otherwise.

Need to beef up your takeaway operation? Simply add our online ordering and driver management module and start taking orders with no barriers. Want help with making your business COVID-safe? Try our handheld tableside ordering or mobile order & pay tools to keep you and your customers safe.

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Table Management & Reservation

pointOne EPOS system


Flexibility to adjust your table plans quickly and simply.


Integration with leading reservation software like ResDiary and Avenista.

Real-time simplicity

Easy-to-use reservation system based on real-time venue capacity.

Customised data

Fully customisable data on table information such as table value, dietary notes etc.

Snapshot Status

See a snapshot status of those tables instantly in real-time with our traffic-light system.

Integrated Payments


Convenience and flexibility for your customers with a contactless, pay at table option including bill-splitting.


Save time all round with integrated PDQs that let you take payment and print receipts without returning to the main EPoS till.


Zero mistakes as no re-keying amounts required.

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Menu Management​

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Menu management

Stay in control of your menu across all sites and customer-facing channels with easy centralised updating.

Upselling opportunities

React quickly to upselling opportunities with instant updating on promos and meal deals.

Granular control

Granular control from site specific deals right down to item, time and date to maximise revenue streams.

Actionable insights

Know what's working and make actionable insights with real-time reporting.

Security, Staff Scheduling and T&A

Secure login

Keep your sites 100% secure with biometric fingerprint login for staff.

Assigned permissions

Secure all confidential or sensitive data by assigning staff permission access levels.

Simple rota creation

Create rotas and record holiday and sickness simply.


Full integration with leading staff scheduling software like Fourth and S4Labour.

Time & Attendance Accuracy

Let your fingerprint or card login double as an accurate time and attendance system when used to clock in and out.

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“It’s made a massive difference to my business, its saved us so many hours and its drastically improved the quality of the customer experience when customers go to pay their bills. It can be a difficult decision picking a supplier for an EPoS solution, but my experience is that this has been absolutely worth doing and I would absolutely recommend pointOne”.


Why choose pointOne?

Put simply, we know our stuff. We have been innovating and iterating our hospitality EPoS solutions since 2001 and have become an experienced brand you can trust.

There is a reason why we were the first EPoS provider to offer a cashless kiosk solution to the UK QSR market back in 2016. Our agile team create forward-thinking and feature-rich products that start and end with our customers.

We do all the heavy-lifting so you can concentrate 100% on pleasing your customers.

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