Time For a New EPOS?: Elevating Your Business in 2024

2024 is here and it’s the perfect time for hospitality businesses to embrace fresh perspectives and innovative solutions. One purchase that can significantly impact your operations and customer satisfaction is your EPOS system. In this blog, we’ll explore some key benefits to a new EPOS system with pointOne.
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User Friendly & Simple To Use

Simple-to-use and user-friendly EPOS systems bring a multitude of benefits to hospitality businesses, whether you’re a pub, restaurant or theatre. They contribute towards efficiency, customer satisfaction, and overall operational success.

The benefits of a user friendly system are:

  • Minimal Staff Training
  • Easy onboarding for temporary staff 
  • Increased speed and accuracy
  • Boosts overall staff productivity 
  • Contributes to a smoother operation 
  • Enhanced customer experience 
  • Minimises operational errors


All of these benefits can be taken advantage of through your pointOne EPoS system, ensuring your business or venue maximises efficiency and minimises your operational problems.

Enhance Your Customer Experience

Implementing a newer EPOS system offers a multitude of opportunities to enhance customer experience. Here are several ways to leverage a new EPOS system to create a positive and memorable interaction for your customers:

  • Faster Transactions: Speedy checkouts contribute to shorter wait times, reducing customer frustration and improving overall satisfaction.
  • Accurate Order Processing: Accurate orders lead to satisfied customers who receive exactly what they intended to purchase, eliminating the need for corrections and potential disappointments.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Integration: Integrate CRM functionalities into your EPOS system to gain insights into customer preferences and purchase history. This enables personalised interactions, allowing staff to make tailored recommendations and promotions based on individual customer profiles.
  • Loyalty Programs and Discounts: Utilise your EPOS system to implement and manage loyalty programs and discounts. Offering rewards or special promotions through the system encourages repeat business and fosters a sense of appreciation among your customer base.
  • Interval Ordering (For Theatres & Venues): An Interval Ordering solution empowers your customers to effortlessly pre-order either at the till or through our self-service solutions. Streamlining your operational processes during your peak periods. 
  • Tableside Ordering (For Restaurants): If applicable, use an EPOS system that supports tableside ordering for restaurants. This feature allows staff to take orders directly at the table, enhancing the dining experience by minimising wait times and unnecessary queues.
  • Self-Service Kiosks: Consider integrating self-service kiosks into your business or venue. This empowers customers to place their orders or make purchases independently, providing a convenient and efficient option, especially in fast-paced environments.
  • Online Order & Pay App: Our online order & pay app combines both on premise ordering where customers scan a QR code on the table to order & pay, along with a click & collect option for maximum usage.

Increase Your Secondary Spend

An effective strategy to increase your secondary spend is essential within the hospitality industry. Implementing a streamlined, efficient EPOS system, such as pointOne, can seriously help this strategy come to life. Below are a few ways to increase your secondary spend through the use of your epos solution: 

  • Strategic Prompts: Your EPOS system can prompt staff to suggest complementary items during the ordering process, enhancing upselling opportunities.
  • Dynamic Promotions: Implement dynamic promotions based on customer behaviour, offering discounts or incentives for additional purchases.
  • Bundle Deals: Create bundled packages in your EPOS system to provide value and encourage customers to add more items to their purchase.
  • Loyalty Programs: Integrate a loyalty program to reward customers for repeat business, motivating them to make additional purchases.
  • Digital Displays: Use digital displays connected to your EPOS system to showcase promotions and special offers, capturing customer attention.
  • Order Customisation: Allow easy customisation through your EPOS system, opening opportunities for customers to add extra items to their orders.
  • Targeted Marketing: Leverage customer data for targeted marketing, sending personalised promotions to encourage additional spending.
  • Tableside Ordering (For Restaurants): Implement tableside ordering to suggest additional items directly at the table, increasing the likelihood of secondary spend.
Get in touch with us here at pointOne to discuss your secondary spend strategy and how we can help you maximise your profits within your business or venue.

Take Advantage of Integrations

We get it. You need an EPoS system that can give you a holistic understanding of your customer and your business.

Our open-platform EPoS makes data sharing simple by integrating seamlessly with all industry-leading software tools to give you the bigger picture.

We integrate with over 100+ integrations over the hospitality industry. No matter what you’re looking for, we can help you take advantage of these integrations and stay ahead of the competition.

These integrations include: 

  • Box Office & Ticketing 
  • HR & Workforce Management  
  • Online & Tableside Ordering  
  • Payroll & Staff Scheduling 
  • Stock Control 
  • Payment Processing 
  • Accounting Software 
  • Customer Relationship Management 
  • Reservation & Table Management
  • Venue & Event Management 


Integrating hospitality solutions with your pointOne EPOS system provides a holistic approach to managing your business, improving efficiency, customer satisfaction, and overall profitability.

Scalable Solutions For Your Business

A scalable EPOS solution is essential for businesses looking to grow, adapt to change, and maintain a competitive edge in their industry. It provides the flexibility, efficiency, and performance needed to meet both current and future business requirements.

Here are some key reasons why having a scalable EPOS solution is important:

  • Supports business growth & allows flexibility within the business
  • Easy to increase and implement new integrations
  • Maintain optimal performance throughout your business when increasing operations. 
  • Centralised management system for a clear look over multiple sites.
  • Futureproof your business and maximise your growth plans.


A scalable EPOS solution such as pointOne is not just a technology investment; it is a key enabler of business growth, efficiency, and adaptability. It equips businesses with the tools to navigate through the hospitality industry, laying the groundwork for continued success and competitiveness.

Stay Data-Driven

A modern EPOS system provides detailed reporting and analytics, offering valuable insights into your business performance. By making informed decisions based on real-time data, you can identify trends, optimise inventory levels, and tailor your strategies for maximum success. 

Optimise your business data for:

  • Identifying Trends: This includes identifying peak sales periods, popular products, and customer buying patterns.
  • Optimising Product Mix: By understanding which products are selling well and which are not, businesses can optimise their product mix to meet customer demand more effectively.
  • Stock Management: Keep track of inventory levels in real-time. Businesses can make more informed decisions about when and how much inventory to reorder.
  • Customer Insights: Capture data about customer behaviour, such as purchasing history, preferences, and loyalty program participation. This information can be used to create targeted marketing campaigns and personalised offerings. 
  • Track Employee Performance: Evaluate employee performance, track sales contributions, and identify areas for improvement or additional training.
  • Revenue Tracking: Access accurate and detailed information about your sales, helping you track your revenue and financial performance

In summary, leveraging your data through an EPoS system such as pointOne, can provide you with actionable insights that can enhance operational efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and drive informed decision-making.

Make 2024 Your Year!

So in conclusion, the mantra for your business or venue should be “New Year, New EPOS.” The right EPOS system is not just a tool; it’s a strategic investment that can propel your business to new heights. By embracing the latest technology, you not only stay ahead of the curve (and the competition), but also lay the foundation for a successful and prosperous year.

If you’re considering an EPOS upgrade or want to explore the possibilities for your business, now is the time. Get in touch with pointOne today to discuss how implementing one of our innovative solutions can help your business or venue thrive in 2024.  Cheers to a new year of possibilities!


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