The Self-Service Venue Webinar

What do your audiences think about embracing self-service technology as part of the venue experience. Find out in our webinar based on a recent nationwide audience survey.
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REWATCH: The Self-Service Venue Webinar

Webinar speakers

  • Katy Raines, CEO, Indigo Ltd
  • Flo Carr, Associate Director, Indigo Ltd
  • Alex Morgan – Head of Sales & Partnerships, pointOne

Indigo Ltd and pointOne presented some key findings from the joint nationwide survey. The survey was targeted towards finding out key information on how audiences view self-service technology and increased automation within the industry. 

The webinar also covers five key opportunities for cultural venues to action in order to maximise on the feedback received from their cultural audiences. 

tHE Self-service venue nationwide survey

The webinar is based on the results from a nationwide survey that ran from 13th February – 6th March, where 28 organisations took part and we received over 7,900 responses.

The survey aims were to understand:

  • What audiences think of automation or self-service within the industry?
  • What audience groups are more likely to benefit from the use of technology and automation?
  • How technology and digital devices are being used by audiences in other areas of life.

The webinar was live streamed from our YouTube channel, and you can watch it below.

Watch the webinar!


Key Topics

Key Topics

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