Partner Blog: Atoa Brings Instant Low-Fee Payments to PointOne Users

We are excited to announce that Atoa has partnered with PointOne to bring instant low-fee payments to its users. This partnership gives PointOne point-of-sale users the power to accept instant funds directly from the customer’s existing UK bank app within seconds without steep processing fees.

What is Atoa? 

Atoa is an instant bank pay solution that provides businesses with a simple and affordable way to accept payments from their customers using the UK’s open banking network.

Atoa offers a variety of features, including:

  • Instant payments: Customers can pay businesses instantly using their UK bank app. Get funds in seconds (not days), providing a handy cashflow boost to keep your business afloat.
  • Low fees: By sidestepping card rails, Atoa can offer unbeatable low fees to business owners.
  • Secure payments: Atoa makes payments directly in the customer’s bank app, using their unique biometric face or fingerprint scan to approve funds.
  • Easy to use: Atoa is easy to integrate with your existing PointOne system.

All of these benefits can be taken advantage of through your pointOne EPoS system, ensuring your business or venue maximises efficiency and minimises your operational problems.

What is the pointOne system?


The pointOne EPoS system is designed to offer a fast, reliable and intuitive interface that is simple to use, with minimal staff training required.

  • Take Control – Make your PoS system work for your business with a flexible and customisable solution, allowing you to take full control over your operational processes.
  • Hybrid solution – with a local & cloud SQL data set-up, combined with infrastructure deployed in the cloud; this means fast no matter how many sites or POS terminals, whilst minimising downtime and providing you with a failover solution when needed.
  • Support You Can Rely On – The support team at pointOne are always available, through numerous communication channels, to support your business through any issues you may encounter.
  • Data Analysis – Our intuitive software enables you to analyse your data to minimise operational difficulties and maximise business growth.
  • Scalable – SME operators work with us to grow their business from startup to multi-site using our range of tools and features to support growth.

How will this partnership benefit PointOne users?

  • Faster payments: Atoa’s instant payment processing will allow PointOne users to receive their payments faster than ever before.
  • Fairer fees: PointOne users can now accept instant payments from their customers using Atoa’s low-fee payment platform.
  • Bank-level secure payments: Atoa uses biometric security to protect customers’ data and remove the risk of chargebacks.
  • Easy to use: Customers scan a QR code to start payment without needing the card machine, which makes it easier for PointOne users to accept payments from customers.

About Atoa

Atoa Instant Bank Pay provides UK businesses with a simple way to accept fast, fair and secure payments from their customers. It offers various features, including tips, employee management, and the option to add multiple businesses and locations for payments.

About pointOne

Founded in 2001 by Steven Rolfe and Nick Williams, pointOne had one aim, to develop and deliver innovative EPoS solutions and tools, all backed up by outstanding support and project delivery. Over the last 20+ years, pointOne has achieved this core objection, positioning itself as a market leader and EPoS specialist within the casual dining, quick-service and theatre sectors.


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