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A compact handheld device that fits straight into an apron pocket and enables your staff to take orders and payments with the latest pin on glass technology.

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Do more with less

The standout feature of pointOne Go lies in its seamless integration of payment capabilities. Integrated with Dojo payments, users can effortlessly tap their payment card directly onto the device, eliminating the need for a separate PDQ.

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We’ve got you covered

pointOne Go holds immense potential and caters to a diverse range of hospitality establishments, including restaurants, bars, theatres, and other cultural venues.

This all-in-one solution allows your business to effectively take orders and payments on the go, ensuring your staff is serving customers efficiently. pointOne Go will streamline your operations, boost revenue and reduce mistakes.

Your Benefits

All in One Solution

Maximise your revenue and minimise mistakes with this revolutionary device.

Always Connected

Connect to your local Wi-Fi network or to a 4G network.

Increased Revenue

Turn tables faster and serve more customers with pointOne Go.

Do More With Less

Take orders & payments from one powerful handheld device.

Streamlined Service

pointOne Go connects to your EPOS system in the cloud, streamlining your operations from order to payment.

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Customer Benefits

Reduced Waiting Times

Customers get served quicker with reduced waiting times, less queues and efficient payment options.

Secure Payment Options

Using the latest ‘pin on glass’ technology, your device displays a secure virtual PIN pad so customers won’t need to insert a card.

Reduced Mistakes

Offer order entry straight from the table - reducing unnecessary mistakes and eliminating double entry.

Digital Receipts

Email receipts to customers making their experience seamless from start to finish.

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“The self-service kiosks help our staff give great service to the inside customer but also gives the takeaway customer the full ordering experience with the full menu and the full range of modifications as well”.


Why choose pointOne?

Put simply, we know our stuff. We have been innovating and iterating our hospitality EPoS solutions since 2001 and have become an experienced brand you can trust.

There is a reason why we were the first EPoS provider to offer a cashless kiosk solution to the UK QSR market back in 2016. Our agile team create forward-thinking and feature-rich products that start and end with our customers.

We do all the heavy-lifting so you can concentrate 100% on pleasing your customers.

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If you have more questions about our innovative self-serve solutions and how you can implement this technology into your operation then we’re here to help.