The Self-Service Venue Report

Download our latest report on understanding cultural audiences and their willingness to embrace self-service technology as part of the venue experience.
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The Self-Service Venue Report

pointOne and Indigo Ltd have partnered again to bring you ‘The Self-Service Venue’ report. 

This piece of research was aimed to gather a better understanding on the audience’s willingness to embrace self-service technology within the cultural venue experience. The survey also wanted to identify what audience group would more likely benefit from the use of technology, and how these devices were being used in other areas of life.

This report is based on the results from a nationwide survey
that ran from 13th February – 6th March, where 28 organisations took part, and we received over 7,900 responses.

The Self-Service Venue report identifies key opportunities
for growth and secondary spend within cultural venues and covers the full results of the nationwide survey.

This report is aimed at all stakeholders involved in theatre
and venue technology including management, operations, box office, F&Bmarketing and communications.


About Indigo Ltd 

Indigo Ltd empowers the cultural sector to increase engagement with audiences and visitors through pragmatic problem-solving, vital insight and practical partnerships.
As audience specialists working to support and empower the sector, we are particularly interested in turning the results into recommendations for improving communications with audiences to increase audience engagement with and awareness of sustainability initiatives.

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