Merging People + Tech: A New Era of Customer Experience in QSR

New consumer research reveals that we have entered a new era of customer experience in QSR where people and tech need to work in perfect harmony.
Merging people + tech whitepaper cover

Faced with social distancing measures, followed by staff shortages and supply chain issues, many operators have turned to technological solutions such as mobile order & pay and self-serve kiosks to help ease these ongoing pressures.

Given this widespread adoption of tech solutions from consumers and staff, this white paper looks at its impact on the customer experience and whether it has helped or hindered the core expectation of hospitality that is the human interaction.

We’ve spoken to both QSR customers and staff to reveal:

  • The human touch: Are people are still central to delivering customer experiences?
  • Service expectations: What do customers really want from staff?
  • What is the real cost of poor customer service: 2 strikes and you’re out!
  • Are current staff shortages damaging customer experience?
  • People + tech: What’s the impact on the customer experience?
  • The staff perspective: is tech a good thing?
  • Which digital solutions are delivering a great customer experience?

This white paper is aimed at CEOs, Commercial, Operation and IT Directors of QSR operators and offers critical insight when integrating new technologies into their business without losing the personal touch desired by customers.


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