The Restaurateur’s Guide to the Right Solution. 2019 & Beyond

The resauranteurs guide to the right solution 2019 & Beyond

The restaurant industry is facing mass disruption like never before. Technological driven consumer change, the need for speed, convenience and choice, along with market disruption and the development of AI, radical change is rippling through the restaurant sector.

Quick serve and casual dining restaurateurs are faced with new challenges and often a program of restructuring and investment, if they are going to stay competitive and meet the dizzy heights of new customer expectations.

From traditional till, mobile PoS tablet ordering to the self-serve Kiosk, what EPoS solution is best for you to drive revenue and stay ahead of the competition?

If you are reviewing your EPoS and restaurant management platform or maybe considering introducing table ordering or Kiosks, this guide is all about helping you make the right decision for your business today and tomorrow.


This short guide will only take five minutes to read and looks at:

  1. Is Your EPoS Still Up to the Job?
  2. Is your EPoS Gen Z Ready?
  3. Top 5 Challenges
  4. The Drive for Operational Efficiency, Customer Experience and Increased Revenue
  5. Rise of the cashless Kiosk
  6. 14 Questions to Ask Yourself
  7. Millennials and Gen Z Hungry for Self-Serve
  8. The Rise of the Cashless Kiosk
  9. The Pros and Cons of a Kiosk & Cashless Restaurant
  10. What The Right EPoS Can Do For You.
  11. Should You Expect More From Your EPoS?
  12. Essential EPoS Features for QSR and Casual Dining
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