6 Key Steps To Consider When Upgrading Your EPoS

Deciding that you need to upgrade your EPoS is a big decision and its often one with a large investment attached, therefore its essential that this is an informed decision based on a systematic roadmap.
6 Key Stepts to Consider when upgrading your EpOS - eGuide Cover

A Strategic Roadmap To Switching

Deciding that you need to upgrade your EPoS is a big decision and it’s often one with a large investment attached, therefore it’s essential that this is an informed decision based on a systematic roadmap.

This 6-step plan is aimed at CEOs, Commercial, Operation and IT Directors of multisite hospitality operators who are tasked with the strategic planning and deployment of an EPoS upgrade.

This eGuide will cover off all the key steps to making a strategic decision on your EPoS upgrade, including:

  • Why Upgrade? 
  • Planning: defining your requirements, budget setting etc
  • Research: consulting your team; sourcing EPoS suppliers.
  • Implementation: setting project timelines; Comms
  • Testing
  • Training: benefits; best method

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