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Whether it’s contactless mobile ordering or self-serve kiosks, our solutions are guaranteed to improve customer experience and increase throughput.

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Slick digital ordering solutions

Operators are pivoting at pace towards self-serve technology, and we can help you with that journey. Our proven self-serve solutions offer a fluid and consistent customer journey that translates to reduced order and wait times, increased throughput and, thanks to our polished UI designs, numerous opportunities to increase average spend.
pointOne self serve kiosk
pointOne Wall QSR Kiosk

QSR Kiosks

Kiosks are ideal for QSR environments and provide a self-service solution which will deliver increased average spend per head and operational efficiencies to your business.

Ranging from small form 10″ tablets to free standing 27″ screens, a kiosk solution will engage your customers, allow them to customise their order, and deliver an outstanding customer journey.

Table Kiosks

Table kiosks are perfect for table service in casual dining, pubs and seated fast food outlets. They allow your customers to access the menu quickly and make their order and payment without leaving the table.

A great solution for minimising staff interaction and speeding up fulfilment times. They also offer a faultless user experience for your customers, putting them fully in control of menu selection, customisation and payment.

Table QSR Kiosk

Benefits for you

Increase Spend

Our slick kiosk UI/UX delivers average spend increases which average 20%, and customers love the ability for customisation.

Queue busting

Kiosks are guaranteed to reduce customer wait times during your peak times and self-serve frees up your staff to fulfil orders quicker too.

Accurate Orders

Kiosks provide increased order accuracy as customers make their own choices and are guided through add-ons and changes to their order.

Easy Deployment

Our self-service kiosks and mobile order & pay can be easily and quickly implemented within your business to ensure you maximise the opportunity.

Women using self serve kiosk

Benefits for your customers​

Self-serve kiosk being used

It’s a Win-Win

Customers actually want to order at a kiosk and would prefer to do this as opposed to ordering at a counter, our tech allows you to offer this.


Puts the menu at their fingertips to browse, select and customise as they choose.

Loyalty integrations

Reward valued customers with loyalty incentives at the kiosk thanks to a range of loyalty integrations.


Customers can filter and sort by allergen so they can easily access the products they want to see, making their experience with your brand seamless.

Want to see a demo?

libertine burger logo

“The self-service kiosks help our staff give great service to the inside customer but also gives the takeaway customer the full ordering experience with the full menu and the full range of modifications as well”.


Why choose pointOne?

Put simply, we know our stuff. We have been innovating and iterating our hospitality EPoS solutions since 2001 and have become an experienced brand you can trust.

There is a reason why we were the first EPoS provider to offer a cashless kiosk solution to the UK QSR market back in 2016. Our agile team create forward-thinking and feature-rich products that start and end with our customers.

We do all the heavy-lifting so you can concentrate 100% on pleasing your customers.

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If you have more questions about our innovative self-serve solutions and how you can implement this technology into your operation then we’re here to help.