Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the first step is to come and see you and discuss your needs, your business and provide you and your team with a full system demo. We can also do this remotely if preferred. Get in touch here to schedule with one of our sales team.

Our development team are continually innovating our EPoS software and responding to customer feedback and bug fixes. We publish release notes on all updates, new features and bug fixes here.

Our preferred partner for payments is Payment Sense Dojo, however, we also have integrations with Verifone, Global Payments and Fingopay. Within the mobile order & pay app, we offer Payment Sense or Stripe. For our counter EPoS, we also have fully integrated pay at table solutions.

Yes, we can offer barcode scanning where this is required.

Our pointOne platform uses a hybrid approach to ensure uptime at site level and a cloud-based dashboard for managing products and analytics.

If your business is ‘food-led retail’ then yes. We do not however have solutions suitable for retail such as clothing, books etc. For this, you should visit Cybertill – the experts in retail PoS. pointOne works well in delis where barcode scanning and weighing scales can be easily integrated with the system.

We offer support 365 days of the year with a range of packages to sort all budgets and needs. We can provide telephone support up to 11 pm, 7 days a week. We will chat through the best options for you and your business to ensure you and your team have the right level of support.

We are always keen to integrate with complementary third-party software that will benefit our customers. In the first instance, please email us here explaining your product and we will come back to you.

We can supply 15″ slimline PoS terminals or smaller space-saving models. They can be desk-mounted, pole and wall-mounted. You can also run the full pointOne suite on 8-10″ mobile tablets.

Yes, we have an industry-leading self-serve solution for your business. We can provide our kiosk solution on 10″ tablets, through to 22″ and 27″ floor standing kiosks to suit all needs and budgets. Our self-serve platform also includes a mobile order & pay app. Visit our self-serve and kiosk page for more info.

Yes, we offer this option where you have existing and compatible hardware. 80% of the time it will be compatible as long as it is running a later version of Windows (not Windows XP sorry.)

Put simply, a cash register or “till” is a cash management machine used in hospitality to calculate sales, record transactions and comprises a keypad or touchscreen terminal, receipt printer and cash drawer.

The main difference between a cash register and an EPoS is that the till only has the functionality to manage sales. By contrast, an EPoS has a full back office suite that allows you to do a great deal more. It can help you understand where to scale and where to make savings in order to adapt and future proof your business, while boosting profitability.

An EPoS system stands for ‘Electronic Point of Sale’, but is often abbreviated to PoS. Traditional till systems just handled transactions and payments, but today’s EPoS is a combination of hardware and software that can help manage your business more effectively by streamlining your operations both front and back-of-house to increase revenue, cut costs and improve customer experience.


An EPoS system sits at the heart of your business operation. It’s no longer just the processor for transactions, it is the home for your data and a brain for your restaurant.

However, the brain is only effective if it connects with the rest of the nervous system so its essential that the PoS is open platform which allows you to integrate with other third-party software solutions. It is this open integration that allows you to future-proof your EPoS so, as your business needs change and new advanced tech integrations become available, you can take advantage of these without the need to change your EPoS system.

Have a general enquiry? Give us a call, message us on live chat or fill out the quick form below and we will come back to you soon.

Product Release Notes

We’re constantly looking to improve our products and offer new features and integrations for our software. Here you can see what’s new, what’s been updated and any bug fixes we have made.

Bundle 2022.2.0

8 June 2022

What’s New?
  • Support for RFID cards has been added. RFID cards can be used in addition to magnetic cards to login, switch logins in the bar order and table order screens, top up a membership card, pay by membership card, apply loyalty points, check a loyalty card value, trigger a price band, name a bar or table order, authorise a price band and authorise removing an item from an order. 

Bundle 2022.1.0

25 May 2022

What’s New?
  • Integration with Receipt Hero has been added.
What’s Updated
  • Kitchen printer templates now include “Current User” in addition to “Original Server”.
  • pointOne will notify Kitchen Management System (KMS) about table merges.
  • KMS can be configured to display the customer’s logo on the main screen.
  • KMS now includes a Bump Bar to increase\decrease the priority of an order.
  • KMS can display the customer’s logo rather than the pointOne logo when there are no orders to display.
  • KMS buttons, e.g. Print, Park, Items can be hidden if not required.
  • A warning message is displayed when the discount amount exceeds the Order Balance when a discount is applied after a part payment.
  • The Rezlynx PMS integration now has an option to not send zero priced modifier options.
  • The Rezlynx PMS Integration can customize the Shift IDs sent to Rezlynx with each room post.
  • The Rezlynx settings screen has been updated to support new configuration options.
  • VAT registration number is now included in the Online Ordering Receipt email.
  • The display of wage costs in the salary form has been improved
  • pointOne can be configured to allow clock out with open tables.
  • Allergen information for a product is available from the order screens using the item Description button.
  • Dietary requirements are included with Collins orders.
  • Online Ordering Print Client will now optionally print receipts that include additional order information to assist with the management of Delivery and Collection orders.
Bug Fixes
  • Orders from Online Ordering API and other online sources now appear in KMS at the correct time.
  • The balance for the Cash Drawer Lift screen is now updated after a new Float is added.
  • An error in the calculation of a deposit’s AmountRedeemed after removing a deposit from a bill has been fixed.
  • Item PrintText and KitchenText are no longer silently overwritten by ItemName on save.
  • An allergen warning is displayed after a product, with an already selected allergen, is added to the order.
  • A discounting error that occurred when modifiers were added via the “If Removed from Order, replace with this Modifier” mechanism, has been fixed.
  • Fixed the bulk editing of VAT Rates so that takeaway VAT rates are included along with In-Store VAT rates.

Bundle 2021.2.14

05 May 2022

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an application hang that could occur when writing to the Audit Trail, encountered upon making a payment on some Verifone Devices.

Bundle 2021.2.13

24 March 2022

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug that lead to an incorrect over-payment message and errors on receipts when a modifier was applied to a bill using the “Add\Remove Options screen” and the “replace modifier” mechanism.

Bundle 2021.2.12

09 February 2022

What’s Updated
  • The Xero integration has been updated to provide a new configuration application that enables editing of VAT rates and account codes for data to be sent to Xero.
  • Online Ordering Print Client has been updated to print additional order related information on the receipt (e.g. date and time for collection or delivery) to assist with order management work flow.
Bug Fixes
  • pointOne has been modified to prevent incorrect table merges. If a table was accidentally merged into a table that had already been merged but left open, then the merge attempt would fail and the table being merged would disappear. Tables that have already been merged are no longer available as merge targets.

Bundle 2021.2.11

18 January 2022

What’s updated?
  • Online Ordering Print Client has been updated to support optional printing of customer receipts for online orders.
Bug Fixes
  • If “PrintUnpaidOrdersUsingPrintClient” and “CompleteOrderAfterPrintClientJob” were both true and an unpaid online order is sent through, the order would be closed. This error no longer happens and unpaid orders remain open with no receipt printed.

Bundle 2021.2.10

12 January 2022

Bug Fixes
  • The default value for United Arab Emirates (UAE) VAT percentage is changed from 5 to 0 to prevent the incorrect activation and application of UAE VAT to transactions following the upgrade of older versions of pointOne.

Bundle 2021.2.9

7 January 2022

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an error in the bill VAT amount when the United Arab Emirates VAT calculation is enabled and the UAE Levy and UAE VAT percentages are different.   

Bundle 2021.2.8

17 December 2021

What’s Updated?
  • Added configuration to enable matching pointOne Shift IDs to Rezlynx Shift IDs so that the expected Shift ID can be sent with Room Posts.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed double printing of modifiers for interval ordering tickets and preparation summary.        

Bundle 2021.2.7

26 November 2021

What’s Updated?
  • Enable refunds of partially redeemed deposits.
  • Improved validation for the Request Support Assistance Form.

Bundle 2021.2.6

22 November 2021

What’s Updated?
  • HOP PMS integration has been modified so that posts to HOP House Accounts work in addition to posts to Guest Accounts.

Bundle 2021.2.5

27 October 2021

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an error that caused a crash when clicking on “Account Payments” in Members and Loyalty when a customer account has more than 32767 account payments.

Bundle 2021.2.4

22 October 2021

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an error that would incorrectly permit a transaction to be part Rezlynx Room Post and part cash or card payment. All Rezlynx Room Posts must be for the total bill amount.  To allow bills to be “split” in this way,  Split Bill functionality can be used to Split a Bill into multiple bills to effectively allow a bill to be part paid as a Rezlynx Room Post and part paid as cash or card payment.
  • Fixed an error that could occur when opening a Collins Reservation if Collins should send an empty list of customer allergy details. This can happen if one customer in the booking has allergy details while the other has no allergy details.

Bundle 2021.2.3

1 October 2021

Bug Fixes
  • The Edit Users and Transaction Search screens along with several other admin screens had the On-Screen Keyboard button’s icon changed to no longer cause a crash on some tills.
  • The “Void All” error has been fixed so that clicking and holding the “Remove” button causes all items in the bill to be removed.​

Bundle 2021.2.2

23 September 2021

What’s Updated?
  • The Allergen Warning popup is now displayed both before and after an item with a customer-specified allergen is added to the bill.
Bug Fixes
  • An Item’s Allergens are now correctly displayed in the Item Description screen for Bar and Table Orders

Bundle 2021.2.1

15 September 2021

What’s New?
  • The Collins Integration has been included in the bundle for the first time and has been modified to support pre-orders. While booking a reservation, customers can select items from an online menu, pay an optional deposit, and when the reservation is seated in pointOne the menu items ordered online are automatically added to the bill. Table Numbers can also be specified as part of the booking by authorised staff using Collins.
  • Technical support requests can be made directly from within point One using the “Request Technical Assistance” screen available from the System Management screen.
  • An integration with Spectrix is available, providing Theatre customers with QR Code triggered discounts, product offerings or priceband based deals at the Till.
  • Third-party integrators for our Theatre customers can now provide Order-at-Seat functionality. This feature supports multiple Auditoriums (“Venue Spaces”) has well as multiple Areas per auditorium and highly flexible printer-to-seat allocation.
  • An integration is available for the Verifone v240 payment device.
  • An integration with iHotel is available.
  • Interval Ordering for Theatres has been enhanced to enable external integrators to book interval orders in advance.
  • A disk space check on start-up has been added to prevent “out of diskspace” errors.
  • Support for 2 cash drawers has been added.
What’s updated?
  • Deposits for Collins now show clearly as “Collins Reservation” instead of just “Reservation”.
  • The Deliverect integration and Online Ordering Print Client now prints the channel used (e.g. Uber Eats, Deliveroo, etc) at the top of the kitchen printout.
  • The AvonData integration has been updated to work with AvonData’s latest API.
  • Refund logic has been modified so that if a payment card is processed by an external company, we no longer popup the card integration window when performing a refund. Instead, we just ask for the card type on the refund.
  • The Review Transactions screen has been simplified and converted into 2 screens, one providing list and search functionality and a new screen to display transactions’ details and provide actions such as refund and reprint receipt.
  • Interval Ordering for Theatres has been updated to provide optional emailing or receipts.
  • When an interval order is created, the user is shown the collection number so they can pass this information on verbally to the customer as well as with the printed interval order ticket.
  • When a Rezlynx room post is refunded the user is warned that a refund will need to be applied manually to the Rezlynx account.
  • In case the On-Screen Keyboard (OSK) does not appear automatically, a button to launch the OSK has been added to forms that have no on-form keyboard and where the OSK cannot be started from any parent form.
  • The PaymentSense integration has been modified to prevent transaction timeouts within pointOne while the transaction continues on a Dojo PDQ, for example when there is a delay in presenting the card to a Dojo payment machine. After 60 seconds pointOne will cancel the transaction. This is an interim measure that will become obsolete when PaymentSense update the Dojo device to cancel the payment to match the current behaviour of Ingenico devices.
  • The Kitchen Management System has been updated to enable highly customisable configuration of Order Headers in the KMS screen. Order headers for the different order types (Tab / Table / Named Table / Collection / Delivery) can be different. For example, Collection orders and Delivery Orders can display “Collection” or “Delivery”, Named tables can include the table name, and each can optionally include the Bill ID if required.
  • The payment screen shows the £ amount of Deposit(s) available to redeem for Collins and ResDiary reservations.
  • A Cancel button has been added to the final Deposit Redemption screen to enable cancelling a redemption at the last moment.
  • Printer Templates for Kitchen Prints include the “Current User” as well as the original “Server” so that the name of the server who updates an order can be printed.
Bug Fixes
  • When the setting “UseModifierPriceOnPriceBandAdjustment” was NOT ticked, prices for price per item price bands were not being applied.
  • The Reservation screen has been modified to ensure all Reservation IDs are clearly visible.
  • A hang no longer occurs when returning to the Takeaway screen from the Member Accounts Customer Details screen.
  • A Takeaway’s Collection date now remains correct following the application of a price band.
  • The Deliveroo Integration has been modified to ensure that stock reductions are made correctly.
  • An error when using “Waste Items” in the payment screen no longer occurs.
  • An error that could happen if End Of Day was initiated from the Table Plan screen has been fixed.
  • A “Bad Request” error no longer occurs in the ResDiary integration when converting a Tab to a Table.
  • The error “Can’t show non-modal form when modal form is displayed” no longer occurs when seating a walk-in with the ResDiary integration.
  • An error no longer occurs during auto-logoff when a settings change is applied on another terminal.
  • A crash no longer occurs when voiding an item that contained a modifier option from the 2nd page of options.
  • An error no longer occurs when refunding a transaction that includes a service charge
  • An error that could occur when pointOne wrote to its event log no longer occurs.
  • Service charges are no longer omitted from Rezlynx room posts.
  • Fixed a table locked error for the PaymentSense pay-at-table integration when the payment amount is unexpectedly zero.
  • When a settings update is triggered on another terminal the prompt requiring the user to restart pointOne no longer appears on the customer-facing screen. The prompt now correctly appears on the Till screen, enabling the user to respond and restart pointOne.
  • The postcode lookup service no longer fails when its Url is not specified because the default Url is used instead.
  • The application of VAT to a bill is no longer inconsistent when the takeaway priceband button is used and the order includes a modifier option.
  • The login pin-pad no longer remains disabled after a failed fingerprint login
  • pointOne no longer hangs when swapping logins using the fingerprint reader when the payment screen is open.
  • An infrequent crash to the desktop no longer happens when closing the cash drawer when the payment screen is open.
  • Refunding a transaction no longer encounters a crash when accessed via the interval ordering screen.
  • Table name changes were not always picked up by the Kitchen Management System.
  • Yoyo transactions no longer fail when paying for a 0% VAT rate item.
  • ResDiary Walk-Ins no longer incorrectly display the message “Deposit(s) Available to Redeem” on the payment screen.

Bundle 2021.1.4

17 May 2021

What’s Updated?
  • pointOne’s AvonData Integration incurred errors in Guest Room Search and Post To Room as a result of switching to use the new AvonData endpoint called RezControl​. The AvonData Integration’s Guest Room Search and Post To Room functionality now work as expected.

Bundle 2021.1.3

29 April 2021

pointOne Spektrix integration
What’s new?
  • An embedded onscreen keyboard was added to assist with manually entering a Spektrix Customer ID.
What’s Updated?
  • The clarity of error messages was improved.
  • Connectivity to the Spektrix API was improved.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug that prevented a second or subsequent scan of a Spektrix QR code.
  • An error triggered by ​Auto-Logoff that caused pointOne to crash was fixed.

Bundle 2021.1.2

22 April 2021

Bug fixes
  • pointOne contains fixes for label printing.
  • An “X of Y” counter has been added to show how many labels there are for an order.
  • The “X more” label caption was fixed to indicate the number of modifiers that could not be printed due to lack of space on the label when there are 15 or more modifiers.
  • Improvements to the label print format.

Bundle 2021.1.1

9 April 2021

What’s Updated?
  • The Online Ordering Print Manager has been updated so that consumers of our Online Ordering API (OOAPI) can control when orders are printed.

Bundle 2021.1

22 February 2021

What’s new?
  • A webhook infrastructure has been created that allows client software and integrations such as Kurve, Deliveroo and Uber Eats to receive notifications about menu changes.
  • Deliverect Integration released.
What’s updated?
  • The pointOne software updater application has been changed to support slower networks.
  • The ability to notify the Avenista integration of table moves has been added.
  • The Members and Loyalty Customer Account Details screen now uses the new postcode lookup screen.
Bug fixes
  • An error in price band price calculation when using the modifier option price (rather than the modifier option’s underlying product price) has been fixed.
  • Auto Logoff caused an error when the ResDiary integration’s Reservation or New Table screens were in use.
  • An error due to Auto Logoff happened after selecting Clock Out then Close Down Terminal / Shift.
  • A crash occurred when loading membership data.
  • An error occurred when exporting Member and Accounts data to a CSV file.
  • An error prevented saving user permissions to a profile.
  • When a table was closed by a Pay-at-Table payment, a ResDiary table was not closed.
  • ResDiary tables were locked incorrectly when a ResDiary walk-in was created followed by Auto Logoff.
  • When a ResDiary booking with a deposit was paid for by Pay-at-Table, the deposit amount was not accounted for correctly.
  • The ability to select multiple postcodes in the postcode lookup screen has been prevented.
  • The postcode lookup screen prevented subsequent lookups following a failed lookup.
  • Como refunds now work as expected when the Como Background Service is used.
  • Logoff triggered by “Sign user off when logged in at another terminal” functionality no longer causes an error if the same user is already logged in at another terminal and is using the Table Plan screen.

Bundle 2020.4

16 November 2020

What’s new?
  • Added the ability to send receipts and kitchen prints directly to a printer using its IP address without having to install printer drivers.
  • Added Print Templates to enable customisation of Kitchen Print formatting.
  • An Order Status application has been created that can be used to show the status of orders to waiting customers on a customer facing screen.
  • A new setting – “Allow Partial Charges to Cashless Account” – has been added to allow\prevent the use of an account balance to pay for an order when the balance of the account is insufficient to cover the bill.
  • A Windows XP Long Term Support version is available.
What’s updated?
  • The Postcode lookup screen has been re-written giving it a new look and improved error handling.
  • The Como customer login screen has been overhauled to improve its appearance and usability.
  • The ResDiary service now supports auto update.
Bug fixes
  • Several improvements and bug fixes have been made to the Takeaway screen.
  • The COVID Track and Trace screen now works correctly when Member Accounts are configured to use a central server.
  • The HOP integration is now more robust and can handle data sync from more than one site to a single HOP account, multiple syncs of the same day, and manual syncs of a skipped day.
  • Emailing of the EOD report and staff scheduling now works as expected.
  • The Yoyo integration has improved support for scanners and now works well with pointOne’s Auto Logoff functionality
  • The Paymentsense Pay-at-Table service has been improved to reconnect automatically when a connection is lost.
  • Approximately 70 other stability and usability improvements and bug fixes were made.

Bundle 2020.3

22 July 2020

What’s new?
  • Added Eat Out to Help Out discount to support the government scheme.
What’s updated?
  • Extended Eat Out to Help Out to work beyond the original government scheme dates.
  • Improvements made to the pointOne software update process.
Bug fixes
  • Fault in COVID Track and Trace report fixed.
  • Improvements made to the Avenista integration.
  • Meal Deals with a £ sign in the name did not print the £ sign correctly.
  • Auto Logoff no longer causes an error when triggered by the cash drawer closing.

Bundle 2020.2

29 January 2020

What’s updated?
  • The ResDiary integration was overhauled to improve stability and reliability.

Bundle 2020.1

15 January 2020

What’s new?
  • The Como Background service was introduced to speed up Como transactions.
What’s updated?
  • The Como integration has an improved appearance with clearer screen layout and larger font sizes to make button selection easier.
Bug fixes
  • Interval orders no longer print modifiers twice.
  • Takeaway orders were not indicating their pricing method correctly leading to the possibility of incorrect prices.
  • Transactions were failing to complete correctly after cancelling out of assigning a customer location.
  • Paying for a bill with Como credit caused pointOne to attempt to close the transaction twice, resulting in an error.
  • After applying a 100% Como discount, the bill failed to close.
  • Removing a modifier from a double measure drink in the table order screen encountered an error.
  • The Como integration did not accept swiped card numbers shorter than 11 digits.
  • Pay at Table has been modified so that deposit redemptions are correctly subtracted from Total to Pay on the card machine and included in Already Paid in the card machine’s bill print.

Bundle 2019.2.1

4 December 2019

What’s new?
  • The ability to calculate price band prices using either a modifier option’s price, or the modifier option’s underlying product price has been added.
What’s updated?
  • Improved consistency and clarity of configuration so that central deposits are used with remote loyalty to prevent errors when redeeming deposits.
  • Colouring of the deposits report has been improved.
Bug fixes
  • Improved reliability for launching the On-Screen Keyboard (OSK) on Windows 7 and Windows 10.
  • Como modifier discount prices are now correct when printing a guest bill.
  • Print Last Receipt now works correctly for the Ingenico interface.
  • The feature “Log user off when signing in on another terminal” now works as expected.
  • The pointOne Android App will Auto Add items to new orders in the same way as pointOne.
  • The pointOne Android App uses the expected modifier option price when using the new modifier option pricing feature.
  • The pointOne Android App now uses the new modifier option pricing feature to calculate price band prices correctly.
  • Kitchen printouts from the pointOne Android App are now the same as the equivalent printouts from pointOne.

Bundle 2019.2

7 November 2019

What’s new?
  • The Kitchen Management System has a new load balancing feature. Multiple screens receive orders in turn to even out workload for chefs.
  • Swipe card support for customer identification for the Como integration.
  • A customer’s location, e.g. Bar, Poolside, Patio, can be obtained at point of payment and printed on the kitchen printout.
What’s updated?
  • Rezlynz integration updated to include department and shift information with room posts.
  • Kitchen Management System setup has been improved to make kitchen screen setup simpler and quicker.
Bug fixes
  • Deposits linked to a reservation can now be used with split bill payments.
  • When a deposit is partially redeemed a receipt is printed showing the remaining balance.
  • The “Deposits / vouchers sold” report’s summary amount is now correct.
  • When a bar tab is converted to a table, the table number is shown on the Kitchen Management System’s screen.
  • Editing the screen position of modifier options no longer causes a crash.
  • Applying a discount to a bill when all the items on the bill are marked as not discountable no longer causes a crash.
  • Rezlynx search by name works as expected.
  • Calculating a Meal Deal percentage discount no longer encounters a rounding error.
  • Running the EOD report on a day when there are no transactions no longer causes an error.
  • A settings change no longer triggers a crash when “Use Table Plan” and “Default to Table Plan” are ticked.
  • When saving system settings and Auto Logoff is used an error no longer occurs.
  • Applying a pre-set discount to a basket with items that disallow discounting will correctly apply the discount to only those items that allow discounting.
  • Users can no longer log into any terminal when assigned to one terminal and the Access Method is Operator ID.
  • Cash Drawer Closing is now responded to correctly.
  • Como discounts are now recorded correctly.
  • When displaying Rezlynz posting codes an error no longer occurs.
  • Centrally recorded deposits can now be deleted and no error is encountered.
  • When editing Table Plan, changes to Max Covers and Department for a table are now saved.
  • Clicking a table’s shape on the table plan now opens the table.
  • The currency symbol is no longer pre-fixed to the Como integration’s points balance.
  • It is now possible to close the “Redeem Como Gifts & Voucher” screen without making a selection.
  • The pointOne Android App now sends modifiers to the kitchen printer correctly.
  • The pointOne Android App now groups items correctly.
  • The pointOne Android App no longer displays modifiers twice incorrectly.
  • The pointOne Android App now correctly notifies the Kitchen Management System about changes to modifiers.
  • The pointOne Android App now handles Rezlynx posting codes correctly.
  • The pointOne Android App’s price calculation for meals with modifiers is now correct.
  • Stock values are now correctly reduced when the pointOne Android App is used.

Bundle 2019.1

5 July 2019

What’s new?
  • The ability to automatically add an item to every bill has been added.
  • A screen to add custom pre-set kitchen messages is now available.
What’s updated?
  • Deposit functionality has been improved so that deposits can be redeemed across participating sites.
  • Pay at Table functionality was re-written using new facilities provided by Paymentsense to improve stability.
  • Kitchen Management System’s display of changes to modifiers has been improved.
  • pointOne Android App has been updated to enable payments with a Paymentsense card machine and Pay at Table.
Bug fixes
  • Improved handling of 64-bit cash drawer feedback.
  • A bug that caused items to be included in the wrong category in the Item Popularity Sales Report has been fixed.
  • Modifiers on receipts were incorrectly classed as drinks.
  • An error occurred when making a cash or card pre-payment when paying by Como.
  • The pointOne Android App is fixed so that receipts are printed when payment is made on the tablet.
  • The pointOne Android App is fixed so that payment details needed for reporting are included in the database.

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