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The Challenge​

The main challenge Operations Manager, Nicolas Perdrier had was procuring an EPoS system that was able to meet the restaurant group’s varying needs. He explains,

“Each of our restaurants have quite different offerings from chef’s tables at Aulis to tasting menus and full service at L’Enclume and then different services such as set menus and à la carte at Rogan & Co. We also have a retail shop in Cartmel village and so it was about finding a till system that could accommodate all the different services, different styles and different offerings we’ve got easily and efficiently.”

Another key requirement was accommodating their existing integrations. Their previous system did not have the capacity to develop integrations with some of their key third-party applications and so they needed an open platform EPoS that already had established integrations with these SAAS:

“We use Fourth for all our sites’ inventory plus ResDiary for bookings and iHotelligence PMS for the linked accommodation at L’Enclume and we needed the new till system to work seamlessly alongside all of this software.”

Nicolas Perdrier, Operations Manager


Lastly, they needed a system that was easy for staff to use where they could just hit the ground running. After such a long closure period during the pandemic, staff needed to come back to a system that was quick to pick up and operate without excessive training or support.

The Solution

A combination of user-friendly EPoS terminals and tablets were installed across the portfolio. Tablets offered the portable flexibility required for the smaller Aulis chef table brands compared to established countertop terminals in the larger restaurants.

The key integrations of Fourth, ResDiary and iHotelligence were all built out and linked to the POS to make cross-reference and two-way data transfer possible for inventory, booking and hotel F&B.

The full head office reporting and analytics suite was installed across all sites enabling management to have full visibility on all sales data, inventory levels and to pull off a host of day-to-day and in-depth reports.

The Results

Nicolas explains the impact of having pointOne’s reporting suite and the business intelligence it provides:

“The reporting element of pointOne is 100% important to the business as we work with similar suppliers, have similar wines in our different restaurants and so the analytics we can get from the reports are fundamental in understanding which products are selling in which locations and where we can make efficiencies.”

“It’s perfect that we can access the head office reporting remotely and don’t have to be on-site to obtain the information we need. We just login and know how many whiskies we’ve sold or how many tasting menus we’re sold.  We can compare revenues instantly across the different sites which is extremely useful for forecasting.”

Nicolas Perdrier, Operations Manager

Talking about the impact that switching to the pointOne system has had on the business, Nicolas says,

“It’s early days as we only partnered with pointOne from May of this year but business has been booming post-lockdown. We do know that in the future, having a system where we can compare sales figures month and month, year on year will definitely help us understand the business better long term.”

Simon Rogan

“The reporting element of pointOne is 100% important to the business as it’s fundamental in understanding which products are selling in which locations and where we can make efficiencies.”

Nicolas Perdrier, Operations Manager

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