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The Challenge​

Pizza Union is a brand known for producing authentic, high-quality pizza with super quick turnaround times. Their London clientele are time-poor so want quick-service but with no compromise to quality.

They needed a robust EPoS solution that could process high volumes of food orders under pressure, queue bust, and provide speedy food delivery at the point of sale. The business also wanted accurate financial reporting so that they could plan their multisite operation with reliable data across sales and expenditure. They also wanted to utilise stock control technology to both manage and streamline their stock use across all sites and reduce wastage.

“It’s a seriously good hospitality product. It’s reliable, flexible, and speedy, and it can handle and condense high volumes of business transactions. It has great functionality, including some excellent features such as kitchen screens, online ordering, stock control and management reporting.”

Bobby Hashemi / Owner

The Solution

Pizza Union adopted pointOne’s EPoS technology with integrations to our Kitchen Management, Stock Control, and Online Ordering modules.

The Results

The pointOne solution has revolutionised the way they now manage their business.

The installation of kitchen screens means their chefs can now prepare food orders quickly and accurately. As soon as the customer places their order, it appears on the kitchen screen in real-time, giving the chef complete clarity of order and zero chance for error.

Our Head Office Management module allows them to pull down broad and granular sales reports remotely, which empowers their restaurant managers to access, plan, and adjust accordingly to maximise sales and streamline operations.

The pointOne Stock control module lets them manage their entire stock process from raising orders for ingredients to building recipes for each product. They can very quickly line check, determine actual margins, and significantly reduced wastage and costs.

Pizza chefs preparing pizza bases

“The solution from pointOne has been a revolution. We like pointOne EPoS because it has tools such as, Head Office, a cloud-based management solution, kitchen screens, and stock control, all of which are perfect for our busy quick-service restaurant. Furthermore, pointOne’s support team are excellent, and we would definitely recommend this product”

Bobby Hashemi / Owner




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