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The Challenge​

An easy-to-use, quick and simple EPoS

As a quick-service takeaway, speed of service was a key priority for Bun Co but they also needed an EPoS solution that would offer a simple and easy-to-use interface for staff to operate. This was crucial because Bun Co, situated in the heart of London’s busy business district, is a go-to lunch destination and does the majority of its business between the hours of 11.30 am and 2 pm.

Within this busy lunchtime window, Bun Co handles walk-in business and a popular takeaway service and so order and transaction turnaround time had to be quick and efficient, both to meet customer’s expectation and to maximise revenue.

In addition to this, one of Bun Co’s management team was based half the year at their site in Istanbul and so needed to see sales and operational reports remotely.

“We have plans to expand Bun Co sites into market halls and pop-ups and it’s reassuring to know that the pointOne solution can expand with us. We have complete confidence in the pointOne system and cannot fault their support.”
Emre Guraslan, Director

The Solution​

QSR EPoS set-up with integrated payment terminals and Deliveroo integration

We installed our EPoS solution with the quick service screen configuration which offers the quickest and easier way for staff to process orders and transactions for customers. These were all fitted with customer-facing display screens on the back of the tills allowing Bun Co to show upselling messages to customers while they queued.

Bun Co opted to use integrated payment terminals from one of our payment partners, Payment Sense. For Bun Co’s customers, this meant zero waiting time when paying and for Bun Co’s staff, it meant no need for re-keying in transaction amounts thus mitigating human error and making cashing up at the end of the day quick and 100% correct. As Emre Guraslan, Director of Bun Co UK, says this has given him and his management team “huge peace of mind to fully trust in the technology doing the hard work”.

They also took advantage of our partnership integration with Deliveroo which allowed all orders from this platform to go straight to the EPoS and kitchen for fulfilment without delay.

To enable Emre’s business partner the opportunity to see all the activity and reporting on the London site, we fitted our Head Office Management tool which, because it is cloud-based, allows access to this data remotely and in real-time to give a 100% accurate picture of operating activity.

The Results

As a result of using pointOne’s fast and intuitive EPoS, Emre explains that they “have made major time-saving efficiencies within our customer turnaround times thanks to the easy-to-use tills for our staff and fast transaction integration from the Payment Sense PDQs. We can get through our busiest lunchtime rush without holding up our customers who have limited time to grab their Bao Buns. Equally, we can take delivery orders via Deliveroo directly through the EPoS quickly and simply”.

“Taking the Head Office Management module as part of our EPoS system has already paid off because it means my business partner can see at any time how the business is operating regardless of where he is. We can both pull off reports and discuss day-to-day operations in real-time which is crucial when operating over international sites.”

With the success shown from their first London site, expansion plans are in the pipeline. Emre reveals, “We have plans to expand Bun Co sites into market halls and pop-ups and it’s reassuring to know that the pointOne solution can expand with us. The delivery side accounts for one-third of our business revenue and is growing all the time, so much so that we already have plans to open a dark kitchen where we intend to take the pointOne EPoS system on tablets to handle the delivery orders.”

“We have complete confidence in the pointOne system and cannot fault their support. If I email them with an issue in the morning they call me back and in 90% of cases, they have the problem resolved the same day. We are very happy and look forward to working with them into the future as our business grows”. 

Emre Guraslan / Director



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